Polk Audio 5JR measurements provided by Princeton 3D3A

Polk Audio 5JR is a passive bookshelves speaker .

  • Reference level is normalised to 0.0dB computed over the frequency range [504.0Hz, 10000.0Hz].
  • Frequency deviation is 6.0dB over the same frequency range.
  • Horizontal directivity is (-67.0°, 67.0°) between 1kHz and 10kHz. Angle computed for +/-6dB.
  • Vertical directivity is (-83.0°, 80.0°) between 1kHz and 10kHz. Angle computed for +/-6dB.
  • Link to Original review.
  • CEA2034
  • On Axis
  • Early Reflections
  • Estimated In-Room Response
  • Horizontal Reflections
  • Vertical Reflections
  • SPL Horizontal
  • SPL Vertical
  • SPL Horizontal Contour
  • SPL Vertical Contour
  • SPL Horizontal Radar
  • SPL Vertical Radar
  • SPL Horizontal IsoBand
  • SPL Vertical IsoBand
  • Directivity Matrix
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